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The Song Remains… Litigated

Back in June of 2014, I wrote about a lawsuit by the estate of Randy Craig Wolfe alleging that Led Zeppelin’s 1971 “Stairway to Heaven” infringed the copyrighted 1967 song “Taurus” written by Wolfe and performed by his band, Spirit. Initially filed in Pennsylvania, the case was transferred to the…

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Battle Over Disparagement Rocks on at USPTO

There’s more news in the constitutional fight we’ve discussed before over trademarks, rock bands, and football teams. You’ll recall that the constitutionality of the so-called “disparagement” provision of the trademark act is an issue in the Redskins case, which is still pending in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. It…

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Should Litigation Losers Pay Attorney Fee Awards?

Let's Talk Attorney FeesSection 505 of the Copyright Act allows courts to award attorney’s fees and costs to successful litigants in copyright litigation. But when are fee awards appropriate? Courts in different parts of the country have different answers, so the United States Supreme Court is taking up the issue…

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