At DecodingIP™ our focus is on interesting intellectual property and technology law issues that are making headlines. You’ll also see updates on e-discovery trends, social media and IP, software issues, celebrity branding, and famous trademarks.

Decoding IP™ is not a canned, boring summary of court cases using rehashed legalese. We explain intellectual property and tech issues making headlines, in plain English, and why we think they’re important–both legally and practically.

Antigone is General Counsel and Innovation Strategist for a secure communications technology company, The Solvus Company, and provides privacy and technology law counseling to companies though her boutique law firm, Cloudigy Law. Antigone’s business counseling practice currently focuses on privacy, cybersecurity, information governance, and technology law issues and their intersection with social media, IoT, blockchain, and cloud computing systems. You can find Antigone’s musings about IP, privacy, and tech issues at the blog and follow her on Twitter @AntigonePeyton

Before moving in-house, Antigone managed the IP and Tech Group at a large Virginia law firm and she managed the e-Discovery group at the international IP firm Finnegan LLP. During her 20-year legal career, Antigone has also acted as lead trial and appellate counsel in IP and technology-related lawsuits across the US. Before becoming a lawyer, she conducted scientific research at a large university medical center. All of these experiences honed her passion for exploring the intersection of cutting edge science and technology, law, and policy.

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