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Making the Trump Name Drumpf Again?

The 2016 presidential contest once again pushed trademark law into the news. A few weeks ago, it was the Democrats. Now it’s the Republicans. Well, sort of. John Oliver’s late-night show aired a segment critical of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. In the segment, Oliver pointed out that the Trump…

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Cheerleading Fashions Copyright Clash

Can you copyright your fashions? In general, clothing designs: i.e., the cut and design of articles of clothing, are not protected by copyright law because the statute expressly excludes protection for “useful articles.” One of the murkiest issues in copyright law is how to determine what transforms a “useful article”…

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Political Satire Gets ‘Berned’ on IP Laws

The 2016 Presidential election campaign is in full swing and the world of IP law is not immune from it. But we aren’t talking about policy positions, we’re talking trademark and copyright. Last month, lawyers for the Bernie Sanders campaign sent a cease and desist letter to political satire gear…

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Your Batmobile Might Be Infringing on IP Rights

Your car can be a copyrighted character. Ok, not really. But the Batmobile is. And other cars in films may be as well. DC Comics sued Gotham Garage for copyright infringement alleging that the custom “Batmobile” cars and car modification kits manufactured by Gotham Garage violated DC Comics’ copyrights. Gotham…

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