Looking Back at 2012

As we head into December each year, I always feel introspective. What has our firm accomplished this year? What can we do better next year? Has Cloudigy Law made a positive impact on our community, the lives of our team members, our friends, and our clients? This is when we look at our core values (they are Excellence, Innovation, and Communication, and are listed on the landing page of our website). And we measure our success based on whether we stuck to them and delivered our services in a way that shows our clients that they are ingrained in our brains.

It’s hard, sometimes, to figure out how others perceive you, or the quality of your work (or play). Maybe they like you and want to do business with you again, and maybe they don’t. But every once in a while, something special happens and you get a little positive feedback. Here’s my list of “best of” cool compliments I received in 2012:

  1. Someone asks you for advice on tomato plant pruning and calls you “wise”
  2. “I just figured it out. You’re a big nerd, and you know it!”
  3. I’ve never met another “Antigone” like you

Last but not least: Each year, Virginia Business magazine asks lawyers throughout Virginia to nominate other attorneys whom they believe provide outstanding representation of their profession in certain legal practice categories. I’m really pleased to have been named among the “Legal Elite” for 2012 by Virginia Business magazine for my Intellectual Property work.

So I’ll end this post with a heartfelt thanks to those individuals and companies that have entrusted me and the rest of the Cloudigy team with some really important work that is vital to the success of their businesses, and to the other Virginia attorneys whom nominated me.

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