ABA TechShow

Beginning today, I will be co-presenting two sessions at the ABA TECHSHOW 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. (Here’s the full TechShow schedule.) I’ll be covering “Social Media for Litigators” with Ernie Svenson, which is always a fun and well-attended presentation (and he’s a great presenter). Things are moving so quickly in the social media space that we’ve been tweaking our slides and updating our statistics up ‘till the last minute. For instance, last Friday, the online pinboard site Pinterest made some major changes to its terms of service that caused us to change our tune regarding their site. And at the end of this month, Facebook is transitioning all of the stragglers over to Facebook timeline, including business pages. It’s tough to keep up with all the changes sometimes.

On Friday, I’ll be talking with Ivan Hemmans about cool technology that lawyers love to use, every day. In our presentation “Angel and Devil: Danger of Emerging Technologies That Lawyers Love” I’ll be playing the role of the devil—that motivated lawyer who buys and plays with shiny new technology objects first, and asks questions about their security, reliability, and data protection lastlater. Thank goodness Ivan will be by my side, acting as the angel who educates attorneys on how they to take the right steps to protect confidential data and meet their technology needs. We’ll be covering a few hot issues involving mobile and tablet tech devices, including data security, privacy, geo location and well-documented problems with popular apps like Dropbox.

We’ll be posting our slidedecks to Slideshare after the conference, so stay tuned!

You can also follow the event on Twitter via the #ABATECHSHOW hashtag, which is already active with tips on must-see sessions and technology tools that techie lawyers love. I’ll be Tweeting throughout the conference @AntigonePeyton too.