Someone Has a Drinking ProblemLearning Curve Brands v. Munchkin, Inc., No. 2011–1036 (Fed. Cir. Mar. 30, 2012) (Judges Bryson, Mayer, and Moore) (non-precedential)

The case started when Learning Curve successfully sued Munchkin for infringing its sippy cups patents in 2007. Munchkin changed its design, going with screw-on lids, replacing the snap-on lids it had used before. Learning Curve sued again, claiming that the new design still infringed its patent.

The district court found that the radius of the lid was substantially different from the radius of the cup itself, and therefore it couldn’t meet the limitation of Learning Curve’s patent that the two have “substantially similar” radii. It granted summary judgment of non-infringement.

The Federal Circuit agreed. And, in honor of the decision, here’s a little welcome from the best known Munchkins:

Photo credit: Randy Robertson