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Federal Circuit Motions Panel Orders

This month, Judges Rader, Newman, and Bryson were assigned to the motions panel, and they issued several orders relating to venue and jurisdictional issues. Maybe that happened because there is no place like the Eastern District of Texas.  And there is no federal district court that has seen more criticism…

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Fed Circuit Lightens Up District Court’s Estoppel Decision

Altair Engineering, Inc. v. LEDdynamics, Inc., No. 2010-1118 (Fed. Cir. Mar. 9, 2011) (Judges Dyk, Rader, and Prost) (nonprecedential opinion) In this fairly light opinion the Federal Circuit dealt with two issues: claim construction of one term and judicial estoppel.  Altair had sued LEDdynamics for patent infringement for selling light…

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No Bar for Barr; Bumpy Ride Ahead for Crafco.

Cancer Research Technology Ltd. v. Barr Laboratories, Inc., No. 2010-1204 (Fed. Cir. Feb. 28, 2011) (en banc Order) The ten active judges of the Federal Circuit considered Barr Laboratories’ petition for rehearing en banc to consider the effect of the panel opinion on the prosecution laches doctrine, but that petition…

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