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More Texas Transfer Tales

This post is a round up of some interesting orders the Federal Circuit issued last week. All of these orders involve “emergency” appeals. Last week

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We’ve covered a number of patents this year that seem awfully obvious to those of us who are more than 10 years old. Next up,

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Appellate Flip-Floppers

Yes, that’s right. I called a judge a flip-flopper. You’ll need to read the Leithem post to understand why I feel this way. There was

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Pay Me for My Magic Soybean Seeds!

The crop patent wars have been raging for well over a decade. They’ve included multi-court patent, trade secret, and antitrust litigations between biotech giants Monsanto,

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Um, Where Do I Go From Here?

Sometimes people get confused about which federal court is supposed to hear their appeal following the trial court or jury’s decision in an intellectual property

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