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Why Clients Should Demand that their Law Firms Focus on Data Security

Many lawyers use smart phones and other mobile devices to share information with clients and communicate with their teams when they are out of the office. These new and accessible technologies raise many security and privacy concerns, and clients need to start demanding that their law firms pay attention to these issues. A lawyer’s improper or careless use of mobile technology, court systems, and the firm’s systems can result in loss of clients’ data and legal liability for the firm.

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Mobile Killed the Dinosaur: Why Technical Competence is a Critical Ingredient for a Successful Law Practice

An overwhelming number of websites, blogs, digital ads, and quasi-legal technology companies tout their expertise relating to any legal issue you can imagine. Here’s something you won’t see on those sites but need to decide before you seal the deal: are they technically competent to handle your business, and will they protect your sensitive company information? One of the major issues that many law practices grapple with relates to dinosaur thoughts—an “old ways are best” mentality.

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